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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas.

As much as Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday, I think it’s about time to love thyself and make Valentine’s Day more inclusive. Love isn’t only about the romantic kind, but non-romantic loves too. So whether or not you have a significant other to cuddle up to on February 14, don’t end up home alone. Treat yourself, toast to your love or independence, and make plans with 5-Second Rule Uncensored & Bigger is Better! These games will be sure to entertain and spark the most curious midnight conversations.

5 Second Rule Uncensored spins an adult twist on the original 5 Second Rule board game. This card game could be tailor-made for a singles-only dinner party for 3 or more people. It’s quick, witty and filled with plenty of innuendo. After setting up the card box and timer, the person who owns the game is first to play. The player to the left is in charge of choosing a card and reading it aloud. As soon as the card is read, the timer is flipped and the first player has five seconds to name three of whatever the card calls for. If the first player can’t list three things in their allotted five seconds, the person to the right has a chance to answer. Can you name 3 night-time activities in 5 seconds? It’s harder than you think!

Bigger is Better is the game where sizes matters! Players place unusual things in order of biggest to smallest, heaviest to lightest, longest to shortest. This cheeky game would be perfect to play with your partner or your fellow singles! To start, the reader draws the top card from the deck and reads it to the other players. Each card has a list of 4 choices which must be placed in the correct order. Once the reader reads a card, all other players have 60 seconds to rank the choices onto their scoring panels. When time runs out, the reader reveals the correct order of choices. The players score one point for each choice they place correctly and write their totals onto their scoring panels. Play continues until someone reaches 20 or more points and the player with the most points wins! Who has the longest tongue? A giant anteater, an okapi giraffe, a long-tongued bat or an adult human male?

Don’t be clichéd, give the gift of games this Valentine’s Day! With 5-Second Rule Uncensored and Bigger is Better, U. Games Australia has everything you need.

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