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Trapped In Halloween


Create your very own spooky-inspired escape room at home this Halloween with Trapped!

By Emily McDougall – © U. Games Australia

The coronavirus pandemic has put many Halloween plans – haunted houses and trick-or-treating – on hold this year. Yet, according to the renowned chocolate company Hershey’s Co., despite nation-wide COVID restrictions still in place, kids and parents are still keen to celebrate the ghostly holiday.

From trick-or-treating masks, to ‘corona-monster’ inspired Halloween costumes, regardless of the sensitive nature of the pandemic and relenting public pressure to stay at home and social distance, COVID-19 has still provided ammunition for a holiday notorious for controversial themes.

Pandemic aside, lets really weigh up whether the traditional trick-or-treating experience is worth the $159 million injected into retail each year. Beyond unsupervised street mischief, who really wants to walk a neighbourhood marathon for unsolicited candy?

This year, why not make Halloween more meaningful by hosting a games night! Buy your household exclusive candy and put that $30 you normally spend on communal trick-or-treaters, towards a game that offers a far more entertaining experience than “trick or treat” on repeat.

This week, we are so excited to release Trapped Escape Room Game Packs – the first escape room game that physically turns any room into an actual escape room! Trapped game packs have everything you need to create your very own spooky-inspired escape room at home this Halloween. Gather your crew, get into character and put the ultimate lolly prize on the other side of the door for when you finally escape! Will you make it out in under 2 hours? If not, what are the stakes?

Suitable for children ages 8+, Trapped is perfect for the whole family. What’s even better about Trapped is that it comes in a series, so each pack is different with its own title, backstory and level of difficulty. With each pack retailing at $20, to complete the series you won’t spend more than $60 on Halloween over a three year period – how’s that for value!

Just recently, Trapped was also awarded Kids & Family Game Winner in the Creators Awards 2020 and Bronze Award for the Dadsnet Toy Awards 2020. It’s certainly shaping up to be one of the most unique games to hit the U. Games Australia portfolio to date, and we think it could provide the perfect substitute for Halloween this year, or maybe every year!

COVID may have trapped us all in isolation this year, but Halloween doesn’t have to be all about spooks and scares. Between all that pumpkin carving and marathon candy-eating, keep things silly this season with the best laughs and games! 2020 is a year of change, so why not move past the artificial tradition of trick-or-treating this year and transform your Halloween into an epic escape room games night with Trapped. Coming soon to ZING, EB Games & Toyworld.

Don’t want your night to end? Try our other Halloween favourite Stupid Deaths, also now available as a tin!

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