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Father’s Day Bundle Pack


Pack includes:

  • Give the gift of games to Dad this Father’s Day! Complete with exciting new releases Hard Quiz & Dumb Criminals!
    • 3 x Smart Ass
    • 3 x Stupid Deaths
    • 3 x Dumb Criminals
    • 3 x Hard Quiz Board Game
    • 3 x Pub Trivia Tin
    • 3 x Man Bites Dog Tin
    • 3 x 5 Second Rule Uncensored
    • 4 x Bigger Is Better
    • 6 x Gearshift (FREE)

I Spy Dig In

Product ID: 06101

I SPY™ Dig In invites players to race to find I SPY™ items before their opponents do. Players experience frantic fun while playing together. Kids practise literacy, coordination, and social skills as they race to match the images on their cards with objects from the bowl. Age 5+

I Spy Spooky Mansion

Product ID: 06102

Players make their way through the Spooky Mansion, spotting objects among the mysterious contents and collecting keys to the mansion. The first player to collect five keys from different rooms and escape the Spooky Mansion wins the game. Includes a unique 3D game board. Age 5+