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5 Second Rule Tinned Game

Product ID: 04475TIN

Try one of our games specially packaged in decorative tin boxes for take anywhere, play anywhere fun! It’s all in good fun with this fast-paced family game. Can you name 3 things… as you race against the timer! Now in a mini version that you can play anywhere! Booster pack to the 5 Second Rule board game with brand new questions! Age 8+

Thomas & Friends Connector Game

Product ID: TTAS/500/49

Contains 36 double-sided train discs and colour die. Kids learn colours as they work together to construct the craziest line up of trains possible! Age 3+

Thomas & Friends Pile Up Game

Product ID: TTAS/500/61

Contains 13 double sided chunky wooden characters. Balance your piece carefully and don’t let it fall! Play it alone or with friends for more Pile Up fun! Age 3+

Thomas & Friends Railway Bingo

Product ID: TTAS/500/50

The first player to make a three-in-a-row train track either up, down or diagonally wins! Contains 4 double-sided boards, 25 pieces of wooden discs. Comes with a drawstring bag for easy pickup and portability! Age 3+