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Ant City

Product ID: TTWS/925

Ants are the smartest, strongest, fastest, and smallest easy-care pets on Earth! The special grit will get them excavating and building in front of your eyes as they set up home. Age 6+

Ant Jungle – large

Product ID: TTWS/25

See ants wrestle food through a maze or across dizzying heights similar to ants real life situations. Add soil and ants, then watch daily life underground through a lens. Age 6+

Ant Mine – large

Product ID: TTWS/23

Make a plaster cast reproduction of a complex ant colony. Add soil and ants then watch the ants make their way though the maze using their natural skills. Age 6+

Betta Fish Arena

Product ID: TTWS/89

Mirror doors and special gravels show amazing behaviours of your Fish. The Sky Pool magnifies your fish for easy observation. No fish included. No pump or filters needed. Not suitable for goldfish. Age 6+

Snail World

Product ID: TTWS/927

Snails are the slowest, weirdest, funniest, and most acrobatic easy-care pets on Earth! Happy snails can lay amazing transparent snail eggs! Use the magnifier to watch the babies develop inside. Age 6+

Worm Farm

Product ID: TTWS/926

Earthworms are the most fascinating, safe, clean, easy-care pets under the Earth! The sliding privacy screen means they will burrow right next to the window for easy viewing. Age 6+

Worm Farm – L

Product ID: TTWS/27

This worm farm teaches children about earthworms and their importance in our ecosystem. Grow vegetation and create a Worm’s ecosystem! Age 6+