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Dirty Words

Product ID: 01386

In this game, players roll the dice and have two minutes to create sentences based on the words showing. Players who take this game to a party will score laughs. Adults only, please! This scandalous 70s game returns for today’s literate yet raunchy consumers. There’s nothing explicitly inappropriate in the words – the dirt comes from what the players bring to the game. Age 18+

Don’t Drink and Draw

Product ID: 01383

It’s party mayhem in this hilarious game where every player draws and guesses on every turn! Choose a Person, Action and Location card, then draw the combination. Everyone is guaranteed laughs as they guess each other’s drawings.

Pub Trivia

Product ID: PT001

Are your Mondays mediocre? Tuesdays tiresome? Wednesdays woeful?… Pub Trivia can turn that around (and rescue you from some dodgy alliteration!) with an extra dose of fun! Test your skill with the latest questions and bring this favourite Australian pastime into the comfort of your own home! Contents include: 1000 quiz questions, 200 team answer sheets, score sheets, 4 pencils, and instructions. Age 12+

Pub Trivia Tinned Game

Product ID: PT001TIN

Pub Trivia, Australia’s favourite pastime, is now available as a tinned game! Perfect for play on the go, or use the all new questions as a booster pack to the original board game! Age 12+

Stupid Deaths

Product ID: 01404

Turns out Darwin was right. Many people die in utterly ridiculous ways, and Stupid Deaths challenges players to identify myth versus fact In this hilarious party game, players work to beat the grim reaper before the grim reaper beats them. This is the game of grave humour, where players who are dead right win! Age 12+