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Break Open 2 Real Geodes

Product ID: NGGEO2

Geology doesn?t get more exciting than breaking open rocks and finding crystal treasures! Geodes can form with a variety of crystals inside and National Geographic has searched the globe to bring you the best variety of geodes. This earth science kit provides a hands-on science experiment that you and your children are guaranteed to love. The hands-on National Geographic Break Open 2 Geodes kit includes premium geodes, safety goggles, a geode display stand, magnifying glass and learning guide. Age 8

About the National Geographic Society

With a mission to inspire people to care about the planet, the 126-year-old National Geographic Society is one of the world?s largest non-profit scientific and educational organisations. National Geographic?s net proceeds support vital exploration, conservation, research, and education programs.

Coin Powered Flashlight


The National Geographic Coin Powered Flashlight gives you the chance to experiment with different materials like steel, copper and cardboard to learn about conductivity and electricity. The included full-colour Learning Guide comes packed with information about the science behind the light! Age 8

Crystal Garden


Learn all about crystals and grow your very own crystal tree in your home! The included full-colour learning guide is filled with astounding crystal facts and the easy-to-use garden kit will show crystal growth as soon as 20 minutes after conducting the experiment! This science kit includes crystal growing solution, two cardboard trees, base platform, broken geode specimen, National Geographic?s learning guide, and instructions. Age 8

Dino Egg Dig Kit


Experience the thrill of discovery with the National Geographic Dino Egg Dig Kit! You?ll excavate a fun dinosaur action figure from each of the two egg-shaped dig bricks with the included dig tools. A full-color learning guide provides fascinating insight into your new dino toys, and a magnifying glass allows you to get a closer look at each one. Plus, you?ll also receive a real dino poop (coprolite) fossil! his hands-on science kit is an exciting way to explore the awesome world of paleontology right at home!

Glow in the Dark Crystal Lab


Grow amazing glowing crystals in your own home! Includes a learning guide packed full of interesting crystal facts and a real fluorite specimen! Age 8

Impulse Crystal Grow Purple National Geographic


Crystal grows in as little as 3 days
Seed rock is glow-in-the-dark element, crystal itself is white
Real fluorite specimen included
Magnifying glass, wooden spoon, and display stand included

Impulse Mini Dig Fool’s Gold National Geographic


GENUINE specimen in each kit! Excavate soft dig brick material to find your specimen. Included edcucational content.

Impulse Mini Dig Gem National Geographic


GENUINE specimen in each kit! Excavate soft dig brick material to find your specimen. Included edcucational content.

Impulse Slime Green Lab National Geographic


Make Gooey, glowing slime at home! Includes .63oz (18g) of Green glow in the dark slime powder mini learning guide

Impulse Treasure Mini Dig Kit National Geographic


GENUINE specimen in each kit! Excavate soft dig brick material to find your specimen. Included edcucational content.

Instant Snow

Product ID: NGSNOW

This incredible powder instantly expands when you add water, turning into a soft, fluffy substance that looks and feels just like real snow! In the kit you will receive instant snow powder inside a jar with a lid, a glass beaker, scoop, and National Geographic?s Learning Guide and instructions. Age 6

Rock + Mineral Card Games


The National Geographic Rock and Mineral Playing Card Set comes with a standard 52 card deck and over 75 genuine gemstones! You can play all your favorite card games, and each card has a gemstone, rock, or mineral fact on it, making them great for trivia and memory games too. Instructions for memory and trivia games are included, as well as a convenient storage bag for all your new specimens.

Smart Phone Microscope


Turn any smart phone into a detailed microscope with National Geographic. This compact microscope comes with everything you need to get started (smart phone not included). Includes a phone stabiliser, 2 LR44 batteries, two viewing modes and a spring clamp. Age 8

Volcano Science Kit


Cast your own volcano, paint it and even make it erupt! With the included learning guide, learn about tectonic plates, earthquakes, volcano formation and volcanic rocks, as well as many interesting facts designed to promote a love of geology and science. Age 8