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Alien Autopsy Lab

Product ID: TTWS/102L

Get in touch with your inner alien! Learn about polymer chemistry, diffusion and osmosis by creating icky alien guts and gizzards. Age 8+

Ant City

Product ID: TTWS/925

Ants are the smartest, strongest, fastest, and smallest easy-care pets on Earth! The special grit will get them excavating and building in front of your eyes as they set up home. Age 6+

Ant Jungle – large

Product ID: TTWS/25

See ants wrestle food through a maze or across dizzying heights similar to ants real life situations. Add soil and ants, then watch daily life underground through a lens. Age 6+

Ant Mine – large

Product ID: TTWS/23

Make a plaster cast reproduction of a complex ant colony. Add soil and ants then watch the ants make their way though the maze using their natural skills. Age 6+

Bath Bomb Studio

Product ID: TTWS/902

Make your own scented bath bombs and learn about the science behind the ‘fizz’. Create foaming eruptions, magic soda and floating bombs. For real fizzy fun at bathtime. Age 8+

Bath Bombs Factory

Product ID: TTWS/05L

Create beautiful scented, multi-coloured bath bombs to keep for yourself or give to friends! Investigate the science of ‘fizz’! Experiment with magic fizzy soda water, foaming eruptions & many more activities. Age 8+

Betta Fish Arena

Product ID: TTWS/89

Mirror doors and special gravels show amazing behaviours of your Fish. The Sky Pool magnifies your fish for easy observation. No fish included. No pump or filters needed. Not suitable for goldfish. Age 6+

Body Parts Joke Lab

Product ID: TTWS/15L

Master the craft of melting, casting and welding soaps. Explore the science of suspending pigments and multiple stage embedding whilst creating realistic and gruesome soap objects! Age 8+

Break Open 2 Real Geodes

Product ID: NGGEO2

Geology doesn’t get more exciting than breaking open rocks and finding crystal treasures! Geodes can form with a variety of crystals inside and National Geographic has searched the globe to bring you the best variety of geodes. This earth science kit provides a hands-on science experiment that you and your children are guaranteed to love. The hands-on National Geographic Break Open 2 Geodes kit includes premium geodes, safety goggles, a geode display stand, magnifying glass and learning guide. Age 8+

About the National Geographic Society

With a mission to inspire people to care about the planet, the 126-year-old National Geographic Society is one of the world’s largest non-profit scientific and educational organisations. National Geographic’s net proceeds support vital exploration, conservation, research, and education programs.

Bubble Builder Studio

Product ID: TTWS/922

We have found the BEST long-life bubble mix in the world made by a WORLD Champion bubble scientist. In this box you will find the tips and tricks of a champion. AND loads more… Age 6+

Build a Bracelet Studio

Product ID: TTWS/921

Make up six unique custom bracelets with moving, swirling effects or jiggling and wriggling rainbow colours! Age 8+

Crazy Chemistry

Product ID: TTWS/31XL

3 kits in 1! Combines the Rocket Ball, Weird Slime and Exploding Skull workshop kits. Extra experiments only found in this kit. A lot of fun comes in a BIG box! Age 8+