Party Game NightMake your next night in, the night out your friends will want to go to!
U. Games Australia’s Party Games collection are perfect for a riotous night at home, or to take on holidays to your favourite Air BNB. With a collection to suit various tastes, you will find the right product to suit you – whether you are looking for something a little bit naughty or just a barrel of laughs for the whole family!

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5 Second Rule® Uncensored

Product ID: UG7427

It seems easy to name three nighttime activities, but can you do it without getting tongue-tied and flustered? Everyone?s watching you, and time is twisting down ? you only have five seconds to dig into the back corner of your mind and just spit it out! For 3 or more players.

Are You Dumber Than a Box of Rocks?

Product ID: 01409

Draw a card, pick a category, shake the box, and open the top. Who has the correct answer: you or the rocks? This quick play trivia race asks the obnoxious question: are you dumber than a box of rocks?


Product ID: 00914

Texting gone rogue! You’ve just crafted a fantastic text message and
hit send, only to find your smart phone has changed the words! In
this hilarious party game of humans versus machines, players race
to decode and correct autocorrected messages. Decode the most
messages to win!
? Loaded with 200 terrible, autocorrected text messages
? No wait! Every player plays on every turn, working against the
clock to decode every message
? Guaranteed laughs on every round as players reveal their
answers to the group

Bigger is Better

Product ID: 01381

The game where size matters! This is the game of measurement… biggest to smallest, heaviest to lightest, longest to shortest. Try and put everything in the right order. In this game, guessing is half the fun!


Don’t Drink and Draw

Product ID: 01383

It?s party mayhem in this hilarious game where every player draws and guesses on every turn! Choose a Person, Action and Location card, then draw the combination. Everyone is guaranteed laughs as they guess each other?s drawings.

Judge Your Friends

Product ID: 00925

The best adult party games wholesale! Introducing Judge Your Friends.

Whether you have a lifetime of debauchery under your belt or are just a goodie-little-two-shoes, Judge Your Friends is the hilarious adult party game that’s easy to play and always a good time. Just bang the gavel, learn the secrets, and find out who your friends really are!

HOURS OF FUN: The laughs never stop with 500 rowdy and riotous scenario cards.

YOU BE THE JUDGE: Feel the power of the golden gavel as Judges bang out their verdicts for each player!

CONTENTS: Golden Gavel, Guilty & Not Guilty Coaster, 8 Guilty Cards, 8 Not Guilty Cards, 400 Scenarios, $190K in Play Money, Instructions.

Check out all of U. Games Australia’s best adult party games. We have everything to complete your party games area in-store. Including popular games Bigger is Better, 5 Second Rule Uncensored, Don’t Drink and Draw and Are You Dumber Than a Box of Rocks?

Murder Mystery Party Case Files™: Death In Antarctica

Product ID: 33282

Solve the murder of Robert Kohler, former head of the Aquilo Polar Station in Antarctica, and put the right killer behind bars.

Murder Mystery Party Case Files™: Underwood Cellars

Product ID: 33280

It?s been 30 years since Cary Underwood disappeared. Due to a recent earthquake, we now have discovered the body and more clues to crack this case.?Work alone or with others?to deduce the victim?s?murderer, their?motive, their?means, and the?opportunity?for the murder.
Motive?- Who had a reason to kill the victim?
Does any particular person benefit?financially or romantically?from the victim’s death.

Means?- Who had access to the murder weapon? Does any particular person have the unique knowledge, skill, or physical ability necessary to use the murder weapon?

Opportunity?- Who had a chance to kill the victim? Is any particular person unaccounted for (has no alibi) during the time the victim was killed?

Party Game Night™ Games Compendium

Product ID: 00919

It?s always a party with Party Game Night! Choose between your favorite games
with this compendium, including four games that can be played individually or
together for a complete evening of fun!
? DRAW: Guess the Who, What and Where your rival team has drawn
? ACT: Correctly guess charades from popular movies, TV shows, books and more
? GUESS: Hear the clues to a mystery topic and shout out the correct answer
? BLUFF: Test your bluffing skills and see if you can guess the correct definition
from the creative ones

Smart Ass

Product ID: 01360

Here?s the game for players who have been bursting to scream out the answer even when it?s not their turn. Each question has ten clues ? the first player to yell out the correct answer wins the round and takes a step closer to being the ultimate ?Smart Ass.? University Games top seller ? more than 1.5 million in print! Age 12

Smart Ass 90s Nostalgia Tin

Product ID: 01396TIN

Who’s the Smart Ass among your friends and family? Find out with this outrageous, fast-paced party game. Where were you in the 1990s? If you lived it, you know it! Countries toppled, music exploded and newsworthy personalities kept us guessing. Don’t wait?yell out the answer as soon as you know it! ’90s Nostalgia works great as a standalone card game, or as an expansion pack for the Smart Ass board game. Age 12

Smart Ass Tin

Product ID: 01361TIN

With 200 Who, What and Where question cards, there is no need to wait your turn. Just yell out the answer! Age 12


Stupid Deaths

Product ID: 01404

Turns out Darwin was right. Many people die in utterly ridiculous ways, and Stupid Deaths challenges players to identify myth versus fact In this hilarious party game, players work to beat the grim reaper before the grim reaper beats them. This is the game of grave humour, where players who are dead right win! Age 12

Stupid Deaths® Tin

Product ID: 01406TIN

The frightfully funny game. Charles Darwin was right ? only the fittest survive. This card game celebrates the stupidest deaths in history. Players use their wits to discern whether a stupid death is true or false ? the answer might shock you to death! Contains 90 Stupid Deaths Cards and instructions. Can be played on its own or in tandem with the large format game, as it contains all new content. Age 12

Yes or No™ Card Game

Product ID: 00916

Get ready for a fast and furious game of questions, where the only rule is you can’t say YES or NO! Take a card and begin asking question – if your opponent says YES or NO, ding the bell and keep the card. If your opponent makes it through without saying YES or No, they keep the card. Be the player with the most cards at the end of the game and win!