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Launching Hard Quiz The Game!


Are you ready to play HARD at home?

By Emily McDougall – © U. Games Australia


It’s finally June and the team at U. Games Australia are so excited for the launch of Hard Quiz The Game! Based on the ABC TV quiz show Hard Quiz, hosted by comedian and Gold Logie Award winner Tom Gleeson, there is so much we love about this new release.

Although game shows have been typically coined the awkward middle child of television, there’s something about Hard Quiz that makes it stand out from the rest. No doubt Tom Gleeson’s profile as a self-centred, nice bloke pulls impressive comedic appeal, but it is the unique game show format of Hard Quiz that so cleverly sets it apart from Family Feud & Trivial Pursuit contenders.

In Hard Quiz, the iconic Expert Round empowers contestants to become an expert in their own field. As seen on the show, this is typically a passion of choice, which may or may not be at odds with their profession. The show has seen the likes of a Risk Consultant with an expert subject in ‘Toy Story’, a Law Student with an expert subject in ‘Reality TV’, and even a Sustainability Manager with an expert subject in ‘Cricket’. In one round alone, contestant’s topics may include ‘Donald Bradman’, ‘Taylor Swift’, ‘Dogs’ & ‘FIFA World Cup’. Combining a range of different interests, backgrounds and knowledge, the show promotes an idea of attainable expertise, within what is essentially a competition across generations. This is what makes Hard Quiz so special and accessible to a large Australian audience.

So we thought, why not make Hard Quiz even more accessible so that we can all play HARD at home? And here we are!

In Hard Quiz The Game, players fully immerse themselves in the complete TV show experience. From the iconic Expert, Tom & People’s rounds, down to the Hard Quiz mug playing pawns and the board game shape that closely replicates the ABC studio format, players even have the choice to take turns as a contestant or being Tom – the host! Whether you’re a trivia wiz, simply looking for a fun night in, or preparing to take on the show as a contestant, Hard Quiz The Game makes for an entertaining social experience everyone can enjoy.


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