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U. Games Australia appointed exclusive distributor for Hape

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2020 continues to be a year of extensive growth for toy and games company, U. Games Australia.

A re-branding, new Managing Director, launch of a digital studio and key licenses such as Hard Quiz and Australian Geographic are just a few of the exceptional programs to be released this year.

The latest news reinforces U. Games Australia’s position as one of the fastest growing companies in the Australian toy and games industry. The Sydney based business has secured Australian distribution for world-renowned and award-winning toy producer Hape.

The brand extends U. Games Australia’s reach in the gift, nursery and educational toys market.

Andrew McCosker, Managing Director – “Hape is an incredible brand and perfectly fits with our mission for supplying high quality, innovative products that enrich the lives of our consumers. It complements our existing portfolio and we can’t wait to start supplying the range to Australian businesses.”

U. Games Australia will begin importing Hape products later this year.

Products will be available to pre-order from August 3rd, 2020.

For further details visit the U. Games Australia website or contact:

National Accounts Manager Michael Di Prinzio michael@ugames.com.au

www.ugames.com.au  PH 1300 998 150


Hape Toys is one of the world’s largest producers of toys made from sustainable materials. Hape toys are both creatively designed and eco-friendly. Neither culture, nor language, nor gender inhibits the intuitive process of play. All of the products meet, and more often, exceed the strictest international standards for quality and safety. But behind the innovative designs and meticulous quality lies the even stronger ethos of Hape.

From the beginning of the design process, through production and delivery, to the final unwrapping of the consumer packaging, Hape toys are a collaboration of global thinking and responsible ecology.

In addition to using particular materials and methods, Hape seeks out people who bring a new sensibility to the process. A collaboration of international and local employees creates a global corporate culture with a particular understanding and respect for the world in which we live. Sustainability, education, innovation and fun. Hape Toys represents the next generation of play.

Learn more about U. Games Australia by visiting: www.ugames.com.au

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