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COVID Party Games


Party games with a side of Menulog —
By Emily McDougall – © U. Games Australia

This year, COVID has thrown a spanner in the works for everyone, but particularly for our 18-25 year old-somethings who are weeping at the limits to their new socialising capacity.

From complete isolation to tightening restrictions on social gatherings and individual distancing, we’re all feeling a little strapped in by the current climate, but particularly GEN Z and those planning 18th and 21st birthday celebrations this year.

Whilst our social mobility may be confined to the home and smaller gatherings, don’t let COVID rain down your plans for celebration this year. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or just catching up with friends, bring your party indoors with board games and a side of Menulog.

This year U. Games Australia are so excited to introduce some new party games to our range.

Dumb Criminals comes off the back of global bestseller Stupid Deaths. This riotously funny board game has players battling it out to determine whether a hilariously bungled crime is true or false! Players use their selected crew to collect cold hard cash as they move around the board, and the first player to collect $50,000 wins!

Last week the U. Games Australia team took the Dumb Criminals game to a dress-up level. Using the game contents, we designated a crew member from the game to each player, who then had to self-interpret the character profile. We were completely immersed in the criminal theme which certainly added to the hilarity of the night!

The idea of a great game experience leads well into our next new release Trapped  –  an escape room game that converts your home into an authentic escape room experience. Every game is different, complete with codes, clues and encryptions, and designed with the help of escape room experts to develop unique backstories, puzzles and themes.

Take this game to the next level by setting a time limit! Will you escape in under 2 hours? If not, what are the stakes? Trapped makes for an immersive, entertaining party experience and is arriving this September.

Also dropping this August is a fantastic range of new tin games! They’re easy to learn, strategic, addictive and a great price!

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