Murder Mystery Party Case Files™: Underwood Cellars

It?s been 30 years since Cary Underwood disappeared. Due to a recent earthquake, we now have discovered the body and more clues to crack this case.?Work alone or with others?to deduce the victim?s?murderer, their?motive, their?means, and the?opportunity?for the murder.
Motive?- Who had a reason to kill the victim?
Does any particular person benefit?financially or romantically?from the victim’s death.

Means?- Who had access to the murder weapon? Does any particular person have the unique knowledge, skill, or physical ability necessary to use the murder weapon?

Opportunity?- Who had a chance to kill the victim? Is any particular person unaccounted for (has no alibi) during the time the victim was killed?

The Art Of Murder 1000pc Puzzle

In this Murder Mystery Party Case Files puzzle, The Art of Murder,
you gather and construct evidence to coordinate with the central
murder board to solve the crime. A high profile case has suddenly
landed in your hands…A 47 year old male and prominent gallery
owner in Manhattan, was found dead in his studio. You must now
work independently or with others to identify the killer?s motive,
means and opportunity to commit the murder.